Structural Forensics and Analysis

ADE has a rich diversified history of evaluating structures in distress. We have conducted over 2000 investigations involving wood, concrete, steel and masonry structures damaged by fire, flood, hail, wind, earthquake and other adverse weather conditions. The work has involved multi-story concrete and steel structures some taller than 150-feet. The variety of structures evaluated by ADE also includes non-traditional structures including large concrete grain storage silos, power plants, grain mills, rail car systems, steel tanks and towers. The forensic work generally involves field documentation and evaluation leading to cause assessment and repair recommendations. ADE is many times called upon to prepare repair drawings, generate repair costs and testify if necessary in court. ADE has extensive deposition, arbitration and mediation experience testifying in court and assisting in the development of strategies consistent with the forensic facts of the case. ADE has also been called upon several times by nationally known contractors to conduct research related to the effects of moisture on structures. That research has been utilized to develop cutting edge methods of construction to evaluate and mitigate the adverse effects of moisture exposure. This work has included cold storage facilities, commercial and residential structures. Our forensic work has opened the door to enhance ADE’s Architectural and Structural design experience. ADE stands ready to assist its clients and accomplish their objectives no matter the criteria.